About Us

In 1985, Arti Chemical Industries launched Pigment Emulsion as first product in the market. 

We received tremendous acclamation and set the base for next product.

In 2005, we launched Binders and then, Gold Binders provide us unending success in market. Today we are known for our specialized Gold Binder. We are manufacturer of Pigment Emulsion paste and fine paste for various industries like plastic, rubber, paints, detergents. Khadi is our prime product used in printing processes.

Success of other products like Cotton Khadi, Block Khadi, Binder SLN, Binder 4000, Binder 9400 set the platform for soon enterning into international market.


We most welcome the supplier agents from,

Kolkata, Tirupur, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Pali, Jodhpur, Bangladesh(Dhaka)

Our New Launching Excellent Products

  • Ink Khadi
  • Stratchable Khadi
  • Dye Fixing Agent (DFA)

Our Team

Mr. Atul Parikh
CEO / Founder

Mr. Fenil Parikh